14 July marks the start of our new club series dedicated to rap and electronic music from France called ARROGANCE. Spinning records are Luc Le Truc of the Hamburg sister series “Je danse donc je suis” and M.A.R.E.C who has compiled this banging playlist for you. Vive l’arrogance plûtot que la France!

“Bouga may be only famous for that song, an eternal Banger that sums up all Marseille at its best: a wonky piano coming from 2000, a harsh warm accent, and succulent sunny punchlines on a very hard beat. Bienvenue sur la planète Mars.”

“Kekra sums up la french arrogance at its best, he represents the future of french rap with a mask: crazy energy, crazy beats, crazy new flows, and over-arrogant punchlines. Wild, Bold and without limits typical from any Paris suburban.”

“Booba is a Legend, impossible to sum up in a sentence or a recap. Probably the biggest CV in french HipHop the n°1 of the French Rap Game? Started in the Underground with Time Bomb, then Lunatic in the 90’s, when French Hip Hop was limited to Conscious rap (with IAM and so). One of the first to bring the Gangster vibe to french Hip Hop and still representing it, with new beats and new forms of musicality. Definitely Talentuous and with the arrogance that goes with it.”

“Grems is old school and new school at the same time, more than a rapper, a fierce representer of French HipHop in its culture: Graffiti, art, music, rap … always underground, somehow arrogant towards the one who don’t think, and for a reason, always conscious, always right but he never looses the bounce of the hiphop. He is from the ones that swim counter current because he can: unlimited technique, bouncy beats, explosive creativity and an incorruptible state of mind.”

“Three of the new generation on a banger song, from the buzzing hip hop scene of Montreuil in Paris. Myth Syzer is the new French Super-producer with his collective Bon Gamin. Everything he touches is gold and Banging. Prepare for some of his diamonds. Ichon is one of his accolyte rapper and poet, bringing this subtile arrogance to the French Rap. Prince Waly is the new school rapper with and old school flow, as if one day Jay Z had woken up in Montreuil speaking french.”

“Don’t worry, nobody understands Jordee, not even french People, we just like him. He is what represents the most artistic way of making Rap Music today. Melodies, mood, weird beats … and probably a lot lot of drugs.”
FR 14.7 // 22H // 3-5€
vive larrogance. rap et électro de france
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